Do you know about the FIST – Free Image Search Tool?

The purpose of FIST is to find free images which can be added to articles. Lists of articles to find articles for can be submitted in various formats. FIST can search multiple sources:

  • Wikipedia links in other languages
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Flickr
  • WikiTravel Shared
  • GIMP-SAVVY (lots of PD images from the US Gov.)
  • (itself a meta-search engine for free images)
  • Geograph (UK)

Together with a truckload of options (scan title lists, categories to depth X, replace placeholder images) and fine-tunings for the individual searches, it is already likely to be one of the most comprehensive free image (meta-)search tools on the web.

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FindSoundsFindSounds – a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. You can find bird and animal voices; household, office and nature sounds; tools and vehicles noises, etc.

SongTapperNot sure what the name of a song is? Use your computer keyboard to tap the rhythm of the song. will help you find the name of the song. Its fun, its easy, and thousands of daily visitors find it very helpful. All you have to do is tap the song rhythm and SongTapper does the rest. After tapping is complete you will see a list of matching songs. If we can’t identify your song, you can teach our system by entering the song name.

RetrievrRetrievr is an experimental service which lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch or uploading a sample image. Currently the index contains many of Flickr’s most interesting images.

TimeSearchTimeSearch is a search engine for any user who is interested in history. This may sound restricting. But yesterday is history. After lunch, this morning is history. The raw material of TimeSearch is events of any kind, whenever they may have happened. TimeSearch already has nearly 10,000 events in its timelines, and it is growing fast. You can choose date, location and theme for searching.

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More Strange Watches

Written by willbe in Watches

Watches can be used for just about everything these days, from watching TV to learning Japanese, here are some more strange (or cool) for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

Linux-Powered Watch

Developed jointly by IBM and eMagin, this OLED Linux watch was ahead of its time. It basically had a host of PDA functions (phonebook, scheduler, picture viewer, etc.) and included a monochrome 640 x 480 VGA display.

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