Finger Grip Socket Set

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Turn your finger into a socket! Nuts and bolts snap into the finger-mounted tool for correct positioning, and don’t come out until they’re properly threaded. Even works with your glove on, in cold weather. Perfect for tight spaces.

Stop wasting time looking for dropped nuts in engine compartments, under dashboards and on the ground. Stop wasting time reversing tape on the end of a screwdriver or gripping a nut with needle nose pliers just to get a nut started in a hard to reach place. Stop getting off of a ladder to look for nuts in your carpet or garage floors when working on ceiling fans, light fixtures or garage door openers. Stop trying to pinch small nuts between your fingers when working on household appliances or computers.

Simply adjust the strap to fit on your finger or thumb. Place the nut or bolt into the socket. The socket is designed to hold onto the nut or bolt. Start the nut or bolt with your finger. It is just that easy. When you are finished you can store the Finger Grip Socket in the handy storage tray organizer.

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ASUSTeK, a Taiwanese computer manufacturer, now has a mouse that supposedly detects the user’s heart rate and shows the info in a little widget on the screen. Let’s see if you can make it blink faster than the hard drive access light on your laptop.


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I’ve found this Linutop computer – a Linux-based diskless computer – completely silent, low-power operation in an extremely small package. Its main purpose is to surf the Internet. I think it must be cheap and good enough for acting like secondary PC at home (to find something in the Internet while “real one” is occupied) or for children use (impossible to erase useful information).

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