Art. Not Garbage

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See what artists can make from garbage using light and shadows…

Lunch With A Helmet On

Sculpture “Lunch With A Helmet On” is built entirely out of 848 welded forks, knives and spoons by Shigeo Fukuda

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Gotta Go Briefcase

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Gotta Go Briefcase — a full functioning briefcase that also doubles as a portable lavatory.

Gotta Go Briefcase

Top Japanese business professionals participated in extensive market research in ways to better maximize time efficiency and encourage higher job performance. As a result, Niban Too Corp. of Japan came up with the Gotta Go Briefcase for an extra edge over corporate competitors.

The water proof briefcase retains an elegant yet durable appearance with high quality Mahogany leather, a strong lightweight aluminum internal structure, and stainless steel bowl with generously equipped sealing lid. Quietly and discreetly go about your personal “business” anywhere you please with a fold out leather privacy panel which tucks away neatly to the side when you have completed your multi-tasking. A toilet paper dispenser easily swings out and can be conveniently stored in an inconspicuous storage compartment under the padding [for added discretion] when not in use.

Included with the Gotta Go Briefcase are a small tray with cup holder (clips onto the privacy panel), attachable vanity mirror, and refillable hand sanitizing dispenser. The newspaper and air freshener are not included but recommended.

*Maximum weight capacity is 80 Kilos (approx.175 lbs.). Exceeding the recommended weight will void all warranties and may result in rupture of waste tank, possible bacterial contamination of briefcase contents, and massive stench.

From AmericanInventorSpot

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Ketchup Art

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Art is fun! Ketchup art is double fun!

Ketchup Art Ketchup Art Ketchup Art

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Human Clock

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Human Clock

Totally useless, but fun. You can see flash-clock made of human figures on

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Jacob Mathew, “the artist of audio”, as he calls himself, have created a collection of acoustical sculptures that reflect his passion for art and music. This is real art!

chair_5781_900.gif disco_ball_568.gif treble_pic_600.gif wine1_551.gif cello_792.gif

ani_table.gif ani_couch.gif ss.jpg


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Be “UNSEEN” wearing these Stupidiotic Black Bar glasses. On their own, Black Bars appear to be ridiculously silly looking sunglasses. In a social setting, they instantly become the life of the party. Inhibitions fade away. You’re immediately popular with the “IN” crowd. Others will wonder if you’re famous or dangerous. Stupidiotic Black Bars look and photograph just like censor bars. Perfect for Bachelor Parties, Wedding Parties, Party Parties, Club-Hopping, Questionable Behavior, Risque Situations, Perp-Walks and Mug Shots. Let the paparazzi take their best shots. Great for webcams and MySpace photos.

These things are pretty stupid, but hell, anything can be funny if you’re drunk enough. The censor bar glasses are worn like regular glasses and put that black censor bar over your eyes just like in Heat magazine. Useful for streakers, shoplifters, or people with really wide faces.

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Spy Pen

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Spydisk Pen

Japan company Thanko offers a Spy Disk Pen — a pen with built-in USB interface and a card reader for SD/MMC.

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Patented in 1882 alarm clock

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Alert Driver

This is a “Device for Waking Persons from Sleep” patented in 1882. Look what author said:

” . . . The object of my invention is to construct a simple and effective device for waking persons from sleep at any time which may have previously been determined upon, the device being also adapted for use in connection with an electric or other burglar-alarm apparatus, in place of the usual gong-alarms. . .

Ordinary bell or rattle alarms are not at all times effective for their intended purpose, as a person in time becomes so accustomed to the noise that sleep is not disturbed when the alarm is sounded. The main aim of my invention is to provide a device which will not be liable to this objection.

In carrying out my invention I suspend a light frame in such a position that it will hang directly over the head of the sleeper, the suspending-cord being combined with automatic releasing devices, whereby the frame is at the proper time permitted to fall into the sleeper’s face . . . the only necessity to be observed in constructing the frame being that when it falls it will strike a light blow, sufficient to awaken the sleeper, but not heavy enough to cause pain. . . ”

Found here

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Another way to use watches

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Alert Driver Fatigue Wrist Device

Alert Driver

Designed by Daniel Ruffle, this future concept flexible rubber device uses motion combined with reaction time to determine whether or not you are suffering from driver fatigue. The device comunicates with an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tag positioned in your car and only starts to detect whether you are tired when you are in your car. The device can be bent to fit your wrist, and has memory to stay in position, to ensure it will not fall off.

[Found at Yanko Design]

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The Laser-Guided Pool Cue

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If You are beginner pool player, You’ll find this useful: Laser-Guided Pool Cue will help You to hit the ball correctly. At the end of the cue stick there is a laser that points to the ball for accuracy shots.

This is the first laser-guided regulation-sized pool cue. When activated, the harmless visible laser provides a precise guide for lining up the perfect shot with pinpoint accuracy. The touch sensor on/off switch features both manual and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. The set includes a 58″ two-piece cue with a secure microfiber grip and an aluminum joint and ferrule, in addition to two tip scuffers, two chalks, three replacement leather-tipped ferrules, and a hard-side, zippered nylon carrying case with shoulder strap and accessory pocket.

Found at Hammacher.

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