Faceless Led Watch

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Look at Faceless Led Watch made by Japanese designers.

Part of apertures of metal band became digital display screen. Metal band and digital figures mingle together in proportion naturally. Without the face of “timepiece”, it displays figures only when needed but also quite vague existence, “time”.

Buy cheap Faceless Led Watch here for 16.60 only!

From here

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Eyeclock by Mike Mak is a pleasuring clock which gives pleasure while telling you time.

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Pixel Clock

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The Pixel Clock is designed by Francois Azambourg. Face in honeycomb-effect fibreglass with 300 LED’s, encircled by a satin white lacquered steel bezel. Equipped with a switch to turn the LED’s on or off, and a transparent cable to allow it to be plugged into a socket if not wired directly into the wall.

This remind me another version of “pixeled” clock by Draft:

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Bubble Calendar

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A poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day, it puts people’s love of popping sheets of plastic bubbles to a useful purpose: marking time in style. Described as “The Cleverest Calendar Ever” in a review by Guy Kawasaki, this modern calendar is appropriate for any design-conscious home or office.

“Popping bubbles is something everyone loves,” says Stephen Turbek, designer of the Bubble Calendar, explaining the inspiration behind the design. “Kids love learning about the calendar while popping the bubbles. Bubble Calendar is also perfect gift for that obsessive person in your life; as long as they don’t pop the whole year the first day!”

You can buy 2009 Vertical Paper Bubble Calendar.

Bubble Calendar homepage.

If you like popping bubbles more than work you can try this flash game.

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The Kenchikukagu is a series mobile furnitures designed by Japan company Atelier OPA. There are a mobile workstation, a mobile bed and a moible kitchen. Everything can be folded and hidden when is not in use. This mobile bed include a lighting and a small workspace! These mobile furnitures are designed for work, sleep and eating. Kenchikukagu is available on Amazon Japan for JPY 800,000 (about $7436 US).


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Bookshelf Dizziness

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Soft Shelf

Soft Shelf by Toronto-based Lateral Architecture is an interesting attempt at creating expandable wall storage. By combining accordion construction with curtain-inspired hardware Soft Shelf allows for as little or as much shelf space as needed, without increasing its footprint. Soft Shelf is made from industrial grade felt with velcro fasteners, which means that the shelf’s pliable form enables users to install it in unusual and unexpected ways by playing with the curvature of the rod on which it is installed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fun Noses

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Snot-A-Mug Egg Separator

Okay, this is definitely not for everybody but some will find it a real hoot. It is certainly one of the most unusual designs for an egg separator that I’ve ever seen. Basically you break the egg into the vessel, tilt forward slightly and egg white will drip out the nostrils while the yolk stays behind. 

This Egg Separator is very well made by skilled potters. Use it whenever you need egg just the yolks or whites for omelet’s, cakes, or other recipes. Not for the weak of stomach. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unusual corner sofa called “Canape” is a great design by Lila Jang. The piece was recently part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.

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Bloody Table

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It’s hard to bleieve, but this is a table. The title is “Paint or Die But Love Me”. You can see more conceptual design at John Nouanesing’s website.

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Double Access shelf

Double access shelf furniture design

Double access shelf furniture design

Double Access shelf by Inga Sempé is designed to be used from the both sides of the shelf. This feature and its sculptural appearance makes it a perfect room divider. You get two different storage layouts and access, so you can see different items on every side. And that makes it ideal as a room divider or a freestanding shelf. Read the rest of this entry »

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