Patented in 1882 alarm clock

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Alert Driver

This is a “Device for Waking Persons from Sleep” patented in 1882. Look what author said:

” . . . The object of my invention is to construct a simple and effective device for waking persons from sleep at any time which may have previously been determined upon, the device being also adapted for use in connection with an electric or other burglar-alarm apparatus, in place of the usual gong-alarms. . .

Ordinary bell or rattle alarms are not at all times effective for their intended purpose, as a person in time becomes so accustomed to the noise that sleep is not disturbed when the alarm is sounded. The main aim of my invention is to provide a device which will not be liable to this objection.

In carrying out my invention I suspend a light frame in such a position that it will hang directly over the head of the sleeper, the suspending-cord being combined with automatic releasing devices, whereby the frame is at the proper time permitted to fall into the sleeper’s face . . . the only necessity to be observed in constructing the frame being that when it falls it will strike a light blow, sufficient to awaken the sleeper, but not heavy enough to cause pain. . . ”

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Another way to use watches

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Alert Driver Fatigue Wrist Device

Alert Driver

Designed by Daniel Ruffle, this future concept flexible rubber device uses motion combined with reaction time to determine whether or not you are suffering from driver fatigue. The device comunicates with an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tag positioned in your car and only starts to detect whether you are tired when you are in your car. The device can be bent to fit your wrist, and has memory to stay in position, to ensure it will not fall off.

[Found at Yanko Design]

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When To Wake Up?

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How often have you woken up tired, devoid of any true energy until you have had your first cup of brew? It seems that this happens simply because you woke up at the wrong time, according to your body. The Sleeptracker Watch aims to help you wake up at the time when your body is most alert and ready to start the new day. The Sleeptracker simply monitors your bodily state while you sleep. You give it a window of time that you would like to wake up, say, between 5:30-6:00 am. The watch will then wake you up at the most convenient time during that window, where your body is not in a deep slumber, but rather a “light” sleep. It even records your sleep data, for your own viewing pleasure at a later time.

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