Do you know about the FIST – Free Image Search Tool?

The purpose of FIST is to find free images which can be added to articles. Lists of articles to find articles for can be submitted in various formats. FIST can search multiple sources:

  • Wikipedia links in other languages
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Flickr
  • WikiTravel Shared
  • GIMP-SAVVY (lots of PD images from the US Gov.)
  • (itself a meta-search engine for free images)
  • Geograph (UK)

Together with a truckload of options (scan title lists, categories to depth X, replace placeholder images) and fine-tunings for the individual searches, it is already likely to be one of the most comprehensive free image (meta-)search tools on the web.

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Maybe you know that you can use Google search not just to find words and pics, but you also can search for files. The most searched files are multimedia – music and video. Some people put those files on the websites and allow other users to download them. If files are in the open directories than we can very easy find them, excluding from our search results junk pages that do not contain needed files.

The secret is to give Google a special search string using operators that are hard to remeber if you do not use them every day. So here is a small but useful tool for creating that string for you: Google Multimedia Search. It wil add all needed words and you can start searching!

Comments (0) is a very useful online tool. If You are a webmaster and You wish Your site to look good in different browsers, just go there and submit Your site’s URL. Now wait (day or two — there are many sites in queue) and You will see Your site’s screenshots in folowing browsers:

  • Firefox 1.0.3
  • Opera 7.54
  • Galeon 1.3.20
  • Epiphany 1.4.8
  • Konqueror 3.3
  • Mozilla 1.7.7

at resolutions:

  • 800×600
  • 1024×768

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