library storage bin

The Original Modern Library Storage Bin, Stylish Storage for cd’s, dvd’s, magazines, and other much loved clutter

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: vintage books, maple ply
  • Made to order

vintage books storage handmade

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We use books that, for various reasons, have been discarded by libraries, book shops, and thrift stores. By the time we get to them, they have already had booksellers, appraisers, and charitable organizations comb through their collections. We do not destroy rare or high-value books. We are often the last stop before the dump or recycling station. We are book lovers and it is our goal to put books back on the shelf, in a form that meets our modern needs. Whether because of a funny book title, a Bin’s color palette, or the simple pleasure of the touch and feel of an old book, we have found that in this new form, books continue to bring joy into our customer’s homes. In addition, a portion of our proceeds from sales are donated to the Books for Kids Foundation.

cool storage box design

old books stylish storage

book recycling idea

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Amazing Round Table

Written by willbe in furniture

Isn’t it just amazing?

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Pliè, the modern minimalist shower column by Treesse is what i wish to have. Pliè means folded (in french), is quite the appropriate name for this shower column as its head can be tilted from its upright position to a perfect 90 degree angle.

With Pliè you get the exact stream direction you need. You can choose a lot of colors as you can see, or even brushed aluminum or steel – one of which is sure to fit your taste. Visit Treesse website for additional information.

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Bring an alien creature to your home! Italian-Singaporean design firm Lanzavecchia + Wai has created unusual pieces of furniture, which look like aliens. They use stretchy fabric to form a chair, bookcase and cabinet.

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The Kenchikukagu is a series mobile furnitures designed by Japan company Atelier OPA. There are a mobile workstation, a mobile bed and a moible kitchen. Everything can be folded and hidden when is not in use. This mobile bed include a lighting and a small workspace! These mobile furnitures are designed for work, sleep and eating. Kenchikukagu is available on Amazon Japan for JPY 800,000 (about $7436 US).


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Bookshelf Dizziness

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Soft Shelf

Soft Shelf by Toronto-based Lateral Architecture is an interesting attempt at creating expandable wall storage. By combining accordion construction with curtain-inspired hardware Soft Shelf allows for as little or as much shelf space as needed, without increasing its footprint. Soft Shelf is made from industrial grade felt with velcro fasteners, which means that the shelf’s pliable form enables users to install it in unusual and unexpected ways by playing with the curvature of the rod on which it is installed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unusual corner sofa called “Canape” is a great design by Lila Jang. The piece was recently part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.

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Bloody Table

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It’s hard to bleieve, but this is a table. The title is “Paint or Die But Love Me”. You can see more conceptual design at John Nouanesing’s website.

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Double Access shelf

Double access shelf furniture design

Double access shelf furniture design

Double Access shelf by Inga Sempé is designed to be used from the both sides of the shelf. This feature and its sculptural appearance makes it a perfect room divider. You get two different storage layouts and access, so you can see different items on every side. And that makes it ideal as a room divider or a freestanding shelf. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Knot Chair

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Thonet Design Knot Chair

Fun and simple. Knot on your chair. 

Found at

See also “Say no to strait lines”

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