Coffee Kiss

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Collected kisses from across time, space, and species. You can your photograph or artwork to the Science of Kissing Gallery .

Tsang Cheung Shing is the ceramic artist who created this incredible pottery installation called “Ying Yeung.” The name refers to a Chinese beverage of mixed coffee and tea and also symbolizes the mandarin duck, a metaphor for marriage and love. This sculpture is on display in the Hong Kong airport. Just amazing.

5 comments op “Coffee Kiss”

  1. J said:

    Wow! What an amazing piece of artwork!

  2. federica nanni said:

    I <3 IT ^_^

  3. anup said:

    waaaaaaw happy kising day

  4. Hadis said:

    I love your hot cofee and hot kisses more

  5. Krishan said:

    I want this how can I get this

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