Bookshelf Dizziness

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Soft Shelf

Soft Shelf by Toronto-based Lateral Architecture is an interesting attempt at creating expandable wall storage. By combining accordion construction with curtain-inspired hardware Soft Shelf allows for as little or as much shelf space as needed, without increasing its footprint. Soft Shelf is made from industrial grade felt with velcro fasteners, which means that the shelf’s pliable form enables users to install it in unusual and unexpected ways by playing with the curvature of the rod on which it is installed.


Make/Shift is a flexible shelving system that can be arranged to fill spaces of varying sizes and between walls or even pillars. The interlocking wedge shape of the units allows them to “expand” or “contract” within a space: a single pair may be used for small gaps, or multiple modules may be linked together to make larger units.

Conceived by Peter Marigold, Make/Shift was designed for frequent movers who often encounter difficulties adapting their existing furniture to new settings. The shelves easily conform to any space larger than 19 7/32 inches (the width of a single module). Make/Shift units may also be assembled into freestanding units using the clips provided.

Split box shelves

Split (also by Peter Marigold) uses a simple geometric principle: “The inverted angles of a shape split into pieces will always add up to 360 degrees.The angles can be interchanged but will always form a whole.”

Book Worm

The idea of this labyrinth-like bookshelf concept by Cyrill Drummerson is to let shelfs for books will be same different as books.

And at last one more cusomizable bookshelf design.

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