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Tokyoflash is the worlds leading supplier of unique Japanese watches. Established in 2000 we have been giving our customers the chance to own a cutting edge piece of wrist wear otherwise only available in the land of the rising sun.

Our design philosophy is to create something unique, fashionable and functional. Tokyoflash is not here to design in the established watch arena – there are already many great designers doing that now. What we are trying to do is create a whole new market where your watch is an individual fashion statement and talking point.

Japan’s eclectic fashion scene is the perfect environment for the type of designers that we like to work with in creating watches combining exceptional originality, unique styling and eastern aesthetics.

Men’s “Star Performer”

Tokyo Flash Men's Star Performer

If you’re looking for a watch that helps you through the day and increases your good fortune while looking amazingly hip and futuristic, then we suggest you wrap the Star Performer around your wrist. Tokyo Flash has done it again, delivering a unique timepiece that is a bit cryptic to use, but so utterly stylish you’ll be willing to learn. The watch displays the functions by lighting up the number in the column that is needed. Watch lights up one number in each column to tell the time. For example, 1-2-5-3 would be 12:53. The four icons on top light up when the mode is selected. From left to right, the icons are Clock, Sun, $, and a Martini Glass. The Clock icon represents the time and if it is the evening, the Martini Glass will also light up to remind you that it’s happy hour. The Sun icon represents the day and date. The digits 1-7 on the left side are for each day (1 equals Sunday, and 7 equals Saturday), and the left two columns represent the days. The $ icon represents the year and symbolizes good fortune in the future. And if you really want to show off, use the Pimp mode light-up function to set an “optical alarm” that will turn up all the lights in a firework-like manner at whatever moment you select. The Star Performer measures 2.9 centimeters across, 5.5 centimeters long, and 1.1 centimeters thick, and features a band made of solid stainless steel (maximum wrist size 21.0 cm) with a push-button, fold-over clasp.

Women’s “Pleasure Seeker”

Tokyo Flash Women's Pleasure Seeker Watch

The Women’s Pleasure Seeker wristwatch is smaller and easier to read than many of Tokyo Flash’s other designs. Created for people with a medium to smaller wrist, this is an ideal choice for any woman looking to add some sci-fi fashion to a hip ensemble. Telling time is simple, the top set of LEDs display the hour, and the bottom set of LEDs displays the minutes. Press the button on the right side and the watch will light up three times a minute for 12 minutes. In cheeky Tokyo Flash-style, the designer calls this “The Pleasure Seeker” mode and it indicates that you’re seeking pleasure. Using all the best materials, such as high-grade Japanese stainless-steel, the best mineral crystal on the market, and highly engineered sandwich-molded module insides, the Pleasure Seeker is both stylish and durable – even the LEDs are given a special protective coat to prevent them from being damaged during a battery change. The Pleasure Seeker measures 2.9 centimeters across, 4.4 centimeters long, and 1.1 centimeters thick, and features a band made of solid stainless steel (maximum wrist size 18.0 cm) with a push-button, fold-over clasp.

“Futara Mugen” Watch

TokyoFlash Futara Mugen Watch

Feel like you’ve stepped out of the future (or the world of science fiction) when you wear this conversation starter from TokyoFlash. Fusing retro and futuristic looks, this watch features an ’80s-inspired black, 16-millimeter-wide stainless steel band that joins to a 26-millimeter-wide case with a similar vintage feel. The future is revealed in its unique digital display that could be mistaken for a video game. Water resistant to 99 feet, this sturdy watch is a digital masterpiece. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Men’s “Twelve 5-9 C Version” Watch

Tokyo Flash Men's Twelve 5-9 C Version Watch

The C Version wristwatch from the Twelve 5-9 design team at Tokyo Flash is an industrial-looking watch with a sci-fi twist. The 12 LEDs on the left represent hours, the five on the bottom represent minutes in units of ten, and the nine on the right represent the minutes in between. Press the button to display the time and you’ll be dazzled by the crazy patterns that prelude the final time indication. The C Version measures 3.6 centimeters across, 3.6 centimeters long, and 1.2 centimeters thick, and features a band made of solid stainless steel (maximum wrist size 21.5 cm) with a push-button, fold-over clasp.

Tokyo Flash Men’s “Jackpot” Watch

Tokyo Flash Men's Jackpot Watch

Everyone likes taking a gamble now and then, and the Jackpot is perfect wristwatch for any high roller looking to raise the fashion stakes. This watch features a four-digit LED matrix display with time, date, and Jackpot game modes with audio. The game works just like a slot machine — you select the amount to bet and then press the D button to spin the reels. The display spins and scrolls over to reveal numbers and symbols, and matching combinations will earn you more credits. The lowest pay out — two of a kind — will earn you five times your original stake. The highest pay out — $$$$ or 7777 — really breaks the bank paying back 1000 times your stake! The Jackpot features a polished silver finish, and measures 4.0 centimeters across, 4.0 centimeters long, and 1.1 centimeters thick, and features a black genuine leather strap (maximum wrist size 21.5 cm) with a traditional buckle clasp.

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