Modern Wine Thermometers

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The Carl Mertens Wine Thermometer

The Carl Mertens Wine Thermometer shows whether the temperature of a bottle is within the ideal range for the type of wine listed on the band. It requires no batteries.

This unique thermometer clips around a wine bottle and within a minute or so, the temperature of the wine appears on the heat-sensitive band.

If the temperature is within the range for the type of wine indicated on the part of the band, the wine is at its prime temperature and ready to be served.

Material: 18/10 satin steel.

Wine Clip Thermometer

You know the game, you feel the wine then you ask your friend “I don’t know is this the right serving temperature?” then they say “I dunno I’m not an expert!” Take the guess work out of serving wine with our Wine Clip Thermometer. Just clip it on center of the bottle and the temperature of the wine will appear on the stainless steel thermal band along with the suggested serving temperatures of various wines from Champagne, to Chardonnay, to Merlot. Reusable again and again, and the best part is no batteries are required! Fits standard sized (750ml) wine and champagne bottles.

VinTemp Corkscrew

VinTemp Corkscrew tells you the temperature of wine before it’s opened! Place the corkscrew’s curved handle against the outside of the bottle; in one quick second, its infrared sensor reads the wine’s temperature and displays it on the illuminated screen. Stainless steel sommelier-quality tool features a grooved spiral worm, a serrated foil cutter and a lever with cap opener. Also features a guide to the optimal serving-temperature ranges for six categories of wine.

Wine Thermometer by Trudeau

For the ultimate enjoyment of your favorite wine, it should be served at its ideal temperature. Simply snap the wine thermometer around the bottle for a temperature reading. Designed with suggested wine selection temperatures and packaged in a vintage styled tin box. Makes a perfect gift.

Cork Pops Electronic Wine Thermometer

Cork Pops Electronic Wine Thermometer allows you to drink every glass of wine at the perfect temperature. Thermometer made of “soft to the touch” sanaprene rummer.

  • This wine thermometer has four simple settings for red, light red, white, or champagne and sparkling wine
  • The handle is made of soft sanaprene rubber
  • Thermometer is accurate and consistent
  • Easy to use and attactive

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