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Alert Driver Fatigue Wrist Device

Alert Driver

Designed by Daniel Ruffle, this future concept flexible rubber device uses motion combined with reaction time to determine whether or not you are suffering from driver fatigue. The device comunicates with an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tag positioned in your car and only starts to detect whether you are tired when you are in your car. The device can be bent to fit your wrist, and has memory to stay in position, to ensure it will not fall off.

[Found at Yanko Design]

iPattern: Another Weird Watch

TokyoFlash  Рthe Japanese watch shop Рoffers a new cryptic to read, but stylish timepiece.

The iPattern tells time by splitting the display into 2 halves. Top half for hours and bottom half for minutes. Another mode allow to read day of the week (indicated by written characters MO, TU, WE etc. that curves around the display) at top half and seconds at bottom. And the third mode is a date display.

[Found at TokyoFlash]

Prime Time

In a breakthrough in timekeeping, we present the only clock in the world that actually keeps Prime Time. It displays the time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) ONLY if it’s a prime number.

Primes are numbers that are evenly divisible only by themselves and one; 2 and 3 are prime. 4, because it’s evenly divisible by 2, is not.

As well as displaying ALL the time primes, the Time Prime clock also indicates whether the prime displayed is special, by illuminating its beacon in different colours. Primary colours, of course. Plus white. You may read about special kinds of Primes here.

[Found at Prime Time Clock]

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