When To Wake Up?

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How often have you woken up tired, devoid of any true energy until you have had your first cup of brew? It seems that this happens simply because you woke up at the wrong time, according to your body. The Sleeptracker Watch aims to help you wake up at the time when your body is most alert and ready to start the new day. The Sleeptracker simply monitors your bodily state while you sleep. You give it a window of time that you would like to wake up, say, between 5:30-6:00 am. The watch will then wake you up at the most convenient time during that window, where your body is not in a deep slumber, but rather a “light” sleep. It even records your sleep data, for your own viewing pleasure at a later time.

aXbo is another innovative alarm clock that monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you at the best moment possible.

If that sounds familiar than that is because of our reports about the Sleeptracker watch. The aXbo has a more comfortable design, as you do not have to wear a watch. The sensor is inside a sweatband. It monitors your movement, which corresponds to the various sleep phases. Your sleep pattern is submitted wirelessly to the alarm clock. The alarm goes off within a 30min. window before your desired wake-up time.

One aXbo alarm clock supports up to two people. Over time the aXbo also learns and optimizes the wake-up moment for each person.

Besides the Sleep Phase wake-up functionality, the aXbo is a well thought out alarm clock. The display for instance automatically switches off. Via the sweatband it can be switched on briefly to check the time. aXbo can be operated with one hand. It has three rechargable batteries and it can automatically recharge them when needed (if connected to AC).

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