The Laser-Guided Pool Cue

Written by willbe in Gadgets

If You are beginner pool player, You’ll find this useful: Laser-Guided Pool Cue will help You to hit the ball correctly. At the end of the cue stick there is a laser that points to the ball for accuracy shots.

This is the first laser-guided regulation-sized pool cue. When activated, the harmless visible laser provides a precise guide for lining up the perfect shot with pinpoint accuracy. The touch sensor on/off switch features both manual and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. The set includes a 58″ two-piece cue with a secure microfiber grip and an aluminum joint and ferrule, in addition to two tip scuffers, two chalks, three replacement leather-tipped ferrules, and a hard-side, zippered nylon carrying case with shoulder strap and accessory pocket.

Found at Hammacher.

6 comments op “The Laser-Guided Pool Cue”

  1. kav said:

    … that so fucking stupid there is nothing to say….

  2. Tableturkey said:

    You have got to be kidding me.
    How do you chalk this thing?
    This is goofier than the remote-controlled, “steerable” bowling ball.

  3. Kid Pool said:

    This is the greatest thing ever. screw kav.

  4. Mr Logic said:

    You could always take a flashlight and bash it against a wall.

  5. Tony Delorneto said:

    If you don’t think that it’s cool then you’re wierd (or you’re a girl).

  6. Vince said:

    Woah this looks pretty cool man. But kinda inauthentic though, killed the fun of playing good old school pool. XD

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