The designer’s imagination is infinite, as time flow. But even the time is the subject to design: look what they create!

Barcode Clock

For industrial design and barcode funs. A red light near the bottom indicates the hour from 1-12; a window shows the minutes in green digital numbers.

To Clock

Japan designer Issey Miyake created clear and simple looking watches.

Issey Miyake

Artempo Clock

Artempo clocks has no hands, the numbers are rotating.

Pyramid Clock

This clock reminds me Rubik’s puzzle.

Jean d’Eve Watches

Swiss made of course. Hour and minute hands jumps back as they reached the end. Another one has four hour hands (each for 3 hours)  looking like a puzzle.

Jean d’Eve

Carlo Ferrara Watches

Great Italian design. Hour and minute hands not only rotating but also runs up and down. You can see how it works at Carlo Ferrara’s site and also download a screensaver.

Carlo Ferrara

Star Wheel Watches

Very interesting watches by Audemars Piguet. Numbers on one of three crystal disks displays current time and also points to current minute. By the way take a look at Audemars Piguet’s site advertising page.

Audemars Piguet

Silberstein Clock

One of the most cheerful watches I’ve met. A variety and brightness is probably a major principle of this firm. Below is one more original way to display time.


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