Speedometer Watch

Written by willbe in Design

You have to look at speedometer, when You are driving. But if You trying to do this when You are walking, You will need that kind of watches…

I had a smile when I’ve seen Speedometer Watch, and I’ve decided to look more of that kind. So I’ve found that this idea is not unique and such brandnames as SAAB, BMW and Harley-Davidson has Speedometer Watches. And there are real speedometer for fitness funs.

Speedometer Watch


From Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Saab Speedometer Watch

From Saab Expressions

Harley-Davidson Speedometer Watch

From Harley-Davidson Cafe Store

R62 Automatic Speedometer Watch

From SPC Store

FitSense FS-1 Speedometer Watch

From Fitsense Store via The Gadgeteer

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  1. jimy said:

    where can i buy the R62 Automatic Speedometer Watch?? that link is not working..

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