Fun Things For Good Party!

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Summer is a good season for open air parties. It’s a good time for beer. It’s a good time to use some fun things…


How many beers did I have last night? The counting bottle opener will keep you informed! Bottle spy will keep a running total until it is reset.

From here

Next are “professional” openers – Bike Chain and Hammer openers.

From here and here

Use Maxi opener, if you often loose your openers. Just put it on your fridge – you’ll never miss it!

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Opener key is a good thing for your key chain. Maybe it will be your most used key?

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I’ve been told you about this ring, but it fit here…

Power Push Automatic Wine Opener. Inside the Power Push is a gas cartridge, and it’s the air pressure from this that makes the cork pop out. But before you pop the cork, detach the built-in foil cutter from the Power Push and use it to remove the foil from the cork. Then place the Power Push over the bottle and press the button on the top. An internal needle injects gas into the cork, and hey presto, it pops out instantly!

Found here, get it or refill cartridges at Amazon

The Party

One of the craziest novelties we’ve come across recently. Clip the Champichute onto a bottle of bubbly, pin the end of the parachute on top of the cork and pop your bottle! Watch with amazement as your cork floats back to earth on a parachute! Best used in the open obviously, the Champichute is reusable and fits on all bottles of pop.

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If your problem is a bin overflowing with cans the afterparty morning, which you’ll have to go out in the rain to empty, try the Can Crusher. The Can Crusher is a simple but effective wall-mounted device. Just place your empty can on the crusher shelf, pull down the soft grip handle, and the can is crushed to approximately a fifth of its size!

Order at Amazon. Found here

This quirky stopper keeps your favourite shiraz tasting great thanks to the high quality silicon seal, but it doesn’t stop there the drink-me bottle stop doubles as a stylish stainless steel wine goblet! and because of its clever design, both wine bottle and drink-me can fit neatly in the fridge.

Found here

How to present a wine bottle? Just put it into the puzzle! Don’t Break the Bottle is an ingenious puzzle – simply lock the bottle up in the puzzle, and hand it over to the lucky recipient. At first sight it appears laughably simple to open, but first impressions are deceptive.

Try this or this.

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