Guess The Time

Written by willbe in Design

Dali Clock

One more Salvador Dali clock! Or something wrong with my eyes?. Hong Kong designer team Сhillichilly made that.

Decode Clock

The Chicago Athenaeum (Museum of Architecture and Design) “Good Design 2004” award winner, also a Сhillichilly designer’s work. Is it spy’s favorite clock? The numbers immediatly becomes apparent when the minute hand intersects with the codes.

Seeing Doubles

One more original design from Сhillichilly. By using the RED and GREEN transparent films on the clock hands, we are able to display both the minute and hour readings on the same set of markers. Certainly makes clock-watching so much more interesting.

Candle “Digital Clock”

Jim Termeer’s Candletime is a set of hexagonal gold candle-holders which are set up in a pattern to mimic a giant digital time display. This is only an idea for clock, if you want to see the right time you’ll have to set the candles to the right places.

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