In the USA schools chalkboards are being replaced to interactive, giant, touch-sensitive computer screen, that allow students and teachers to share assignments, surf the web and edit video using their fingers as pens, says Wired News. Dust and painful sound of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard are in the past.

Students used the board to demonstrate solutions to math problems, they children draw on the board with their fingertips and explain to the class how they came up with their answers.

“It really helps with motivation,” said Eliza Bang, the class teacher. “As a platform for encouraging group work, it’s amazing.”

Teachers can show slide-show or even video. It’s now possible to open any web-page with useful information just in seconds.

Interactive whiteboards can be found in more than 150,000 U.S. classrooms, and the technology is also growing internationally, with a presence in 75 countries.

And there are so many ability for “bad gays” to show something censored on the big screen right on the lesson!..

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