Orbit Watch

This watch takes its name from the dot which orbits the edge of the face to indicate the current date.

From MoMA Store

Digital Dali

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, this digital clock prototype has a silicon exterior that’s soft to the touch.

From Mocoloco

Time Table

Electro-luminescent Time Table. You’ll need to keep the table clean to know what time is it…

From Mocoloco too

Yoshitomo Nara Clock

This unique flip clock has one of 84 original drawings, by Yoshitomo Nara, for each hour and each minute.

From Cerealart designers site.

Snakey Watches

Snakey watches uses a special light and flexible anti-alergic material called the Elasten 3000, that elegantly wraps around your wrist and fits with a simple pressure clasp that raises the case a bit and supposedly makes it easier to read the time.

From WristFashion

World Time Clock

To find the local hour in another zone, simply turn the clock so the city representing that zone is in the 12 o’clock position. Ideal for global business executives and travelers.

From MoMA Store

Safe Sex Watches

Safe Sex Watch – a watch that hides a condom!

From WristFashion

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