Can You design a new door? 3652 designers that took part in competition “A door to paradise” did that! Here are some of them.

The winner — melody door
The melody door brings the fun and customization of ringtones to your home. Now anyone announcing themselves with a knock can be as playful as the want to be. Ever wanted to tap out “Taps” to wake someone up in the morning? Or how about chopsticks? One full octave of notes gives you a range of choices, while the design of the door fits nicely with a modernist aesthetic. With melody your knock is as unique as you are.

A door with magnetic balls. The concept is to rethink the way of opening a door. Normally, a door is open by turning a handle. What if a human body can experience the interaction with a door just by walking through it. A door is created base on the theory of magnetic forces. You can simply open the door by walking in. After you pass through it, the balls automatically seal into its shape. It’s very magical!

“The FOCUS door” offers a wide, panoramic view from a certain point. This focal point is located indoors, exactly 50 cm from the door. The cause of this phenomenon is that a number of thin sheets are grouped like a fan, all pointing at the same centre. When looking at the door in other angles the transparent part is limited to a vertical stripe, a stripe that will follow your moves from side to side. “The FOCUS door” opens up a subtle hole in the wall with blurred edges which reduces the contrast between light and shadow and give the garden a hazy frame.

Luna: light + air door. Luna is a simple and understated door with a mysterious character that provides a surprisingly functional feature. The series of holes in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the knob; which adjusts the amount of light, air and noise between two rooms. The door is constructed of a hollow core with an interior panel that slides from left to right. The exterior surface can be skinned in a variety of wood, metal and fabric materials. An open door invites people to move between spaces. A closed door says privacy. Luna offers a state of being between open and closed. Reminiscent of architectural light screens and gangster era speakeasy doors luna expands the space between rooms.

“Ping-pong-door”. Ready to build in ping pong table door. Raising the handle allows you to swing the table and fasten it in position. Enjoy all the benefits of ping pong playing in your place, no matter how big it is. A conventional door connects rooms, this door connects people.

See about 150 more doors at copmetition’s site.

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