The X-Plane is both easy and fun to fly, but flight is just a tiny part of what makes it special. What would be a few simple loops around the lounge with any other plane is a secret spy mission with the X-Plane. How many R/C planes have you seen with a built-in digital camera?

But if being able to take pictures with your plane isn’t exciting enough, you can indulge in bombing raids too. Release bombs, a miniature spy plane and even a paratrooper, complete with opening ‘chute! In fact if you move quickly enough, you could get a shot of the reaction of surprised bystanders.

The X-Plane comes with a special fast charger that can have you ready to fly in just 25 minutes! This charger can also be powered via your car’s cigarette lighter socket, so you can even charge your plane up on the way out to the country/beach etc. Read more at GadgetStuff.

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  1. dream said:

    this rocks rock on rock on

  2. flavius said:

    how much it costs

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