What time is it?

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Here is the new portion of the curious devices, intended to tell the current time . Now You decide how good they are.

Hour Glass Clock

Mechanical clocks in the form of hourglasses – two revolving cones with the numbers. Lower one is for hours, upper – for minutes.

Found at Gadgets.co.uk.

World Clock

Wordclock simultaneously tells the time in 100 cities of the world. A map of the world rotates within a ring which marked by the 24 hours of the day. Search for the city to find correct time.

From ThisIsIt.ca.

Aluminium Box Daylight Projection Clock

Impress Your friends! Light up your walls with a dramatic moving image using our new Aluminium Box Projection Clock. Designed in a high tech metallic finish, it’s capable of projecting an analogue clock face onto any wall or flat surface up to 4 feet (121cm) in diameter. The high powered halogen bulb creates an ultra bright image that is visible both night and day.

Found at Gadgets.co.uk.

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