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Since I have told You about Tix clock, I have found many unusual clocks and I wish to tell You about them…

Reveal Watch

Truly unique in its display of time, the minutes and hours fade in and out as time passes. The only analog watch to read in a digital manner, it features a soft leather strap and a stainless steel case.

Found at MoMA Store

Dual Time Watch

The prolific husband-and-wife design team put a cutting-edge spin on dual timekeeping with this new watch featuring an unusual hippodrome-shaped case. Applying new technology, the scratch-proof crystal is set flush to the edge of the case without bevel or rim. Either face can be set to local or destination time; one set of hands gray, the other red to quickly distinguish between the two.

Found at MoMA Store

Nooka Zoo Watch

By exploring a new visual model of telling time that diverges from the standards of analog and digital timepieces, a new graphic expression that reflects the linear fashion of time was created. It forgoes the radial dial by displaying the progression of minutes in an extending horizontal bar and the hour and seconds in windows.

Found at MoMA Store

Baby Vignelli Watch

Match any wardrobe and create a new look in seconds. This new, more petite version of the classic, quick-change design features an assortment of seven colored rings that twist simply on and off.

Found at MoMA Store

Bango-Time Watch

Upon first glance, this appears not to be a watch but a striking bangle. Flexible and ergonomic, the attractive bangle watch moulds itself to the lines of the wrist. An opening at the end of the bangle contains the hidden watchcase opposite a polished stainless steel surface on which time is mirrored and reflected. Made of stainless steel and Elasten 3000 rubber. Water resistant to 30m. Winner of a student design competition at Dusselderf University.

Found at MoMA Store

LED Colored Lights Watch

This innovative watch features 12 large LED lights that display the hours and 60 smaller LED lights that represent the minutes. It also lights up every minute in three groups of three lights in red, orange, and green.

Found at MoMA Store

Day Clocks

A clock designed for those who are fortunate enough to measure life by the day. The patented DayClock helps you keep track of the days of the week, with a special notch to determine when it’s noon.

Found at DayClocks

Binary LED Watch

The Binary Watch displays time in binary format (hence the highly original name). Here’s how it works. An LED light system is used to indicate hours and minutes, with LED ON representing 1, and LED OFF representing 0. The watch face has two rows of LEDs, with the upper row (8-4-2-1) showing hours and the lower (32-16-8-4-2-1) showing minutes. To work out the time, just count the number of lit LEDs on each row. And you thought you had trouble with that whole big hand meeting the little hand thing when you were five…

Found at BoyStuff

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