Liquid Mirror

Written by willbe in Art

“I want to find something special…” When what you desire is clear, finding it is easy. Go to Japanese site and find liquid mirrors for your interior. That’s so unique!

9 comments op “Liquid Mirror”

  1. Vahtikoira said:

    These really are unik! Thanks for sharing this. Love your blog. Keep going.

  2. catherine said:

    I would like to find these to buy. Thank you.

  3. nai said:

    where can i buy this?

  4. Mpumi said:

    Where can i buy it i really lovel this mirror

  5. ajie said:

    nice how to make it

  6. K.A. Peterson said:

    I would like to know the prices for the liquid Mirror. Thank you

  7. Cheryl said:

    It is really a surprise!I like it!

  8. beautiful said:

    Can not find these on the Japanese site. Can you help

  9. michelle said:

    Wish it gave the instructions on how to make these

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